Last night, the five Tory leadership hopefuls competed against each other in a debate on BBC 1, during which they clashed over whether the UK can leave the EU no matter what on October 31.

Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Rory Stewart and Jeremy Hunt went head-to-head in the live television hustings after former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab was eliminated in the second round of voting when Conservative MPs held a ballot.

During Tuesday's hour-long debate, all five men agreed on ruling out calling a general election until Brexit is resolved but were divided in their approaches to Brexit, and whether they could accept Britain leaving the EU without an agreement, reports the BBC.

There was one moment in the heated debates, however, that really seemed to sum up the entire situation that the UK is in over Brexit - and it consisted of all the candidates talking over one another to the extent that no one can be heard, and no one can really think, either.

Taking to Twitter to share the moment, ITN journalist Julian Druker wrote:

Hard to remember what the question was in this moment of utter car crash TV

Other social media users agreed and said they thought that the 15-second clip pretty much summed up the state of British politics right now.

Stop the ride! We want to get off!

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