Donald Trump’s latest disastrous interview saw him criticise civil rights activist John Lewis for not coming to his inauguration, defend accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and fumble with statistics around coronavirus in the US.

(To get the full rundown, you can read our comprehensive round-up of every single excruciating moment.)

It was such a spectacularly bad interview that one video editor took it upon himself to make it even worse… or better – depending on how you look at it.

Justin T. Brown posted an edited video of the POTUS to make it look like he was interviewing himself.

Originally posted to YouTube on Tuesday evening, the video has since made its way to Twitter via The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) where it’s received over 120,000 likes, at the time of writing.

In the video, Trump essentially argues with himself about charts showing coronavirus figures.

It’s interspersed with moments of the president sighing, rolling his eyes, talking over himself and at one point, making fart noises.

People on social media couldn’t get over the seamless video editing:

As well as just how realistic it is that Trump would be talking to himself in his head:

Or just how hilarious it is:

It’s not the only spoof video to come from Trump’s latest disastrous interview though.

Twitter user Darren Dutton (@Darren_Dutton) edited together the audio from a Monty Python skit over the interview and the results were priceless:

Or perhaps a reimagining of Trump as Liza Minnelli during the interview is more your thing?

Too funny.

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