With all that is going on in the world right now – coronavirus, protests against racial inequality, a general election looming – it would hardly seem believable that a top aide for Donald Trump is involved in a row about a series of tweets sent to Domino's Pizza.

Kayleigh McEnany, who is the president's current press secretary, is (relatably) a big fan of pizza but specifically Domino's Pizza. In a series of tweets from 2012, McEnany complimented the pizza chain and said that they were the best pizza in New York City, which hardly seems believable. At the time, Domino's thanked her for her kind words and that was that.

Since landing her new role and becoming an outright defender of the president, no matter what he said, McEnany has become something of a target for critics of Trump and upon discovering Domino's reply to her became very irate, despite the fact that not many people would have known who she was then and it was just a brand replying to a satisfied customer.

McEnany clearly picked up on the outrage and began retweeting support of her love of Domino's and even a few tweets from the chain themselves. She later followed that up by confirming that she did indeed love Domino's and Pizza Hut too.

That all seems much of ado about nothing but in a bizarre twist of fate it turns out that McEnany's boss appeared in an advert for Dominos back in 2005.

In an unearthed clip shared by former congressman Andrew Romanoff, who is now running to become the senator of Colorado, Trump appears on a pretty cringe-worthy ad for the pizza franchise.

In the 30 second advert, a pizza delivery man looks to be delivering three pizza's to the future president in Trump tower as part of a deal where each individual pizza cost just $5.

This was far from the first time that Trump advertised fast food. In 2002 he made an equally bad advert for McDonald's but that's nothing compared to his 1995 Pizza Hut commercial.

What kind of monster would eat a pizza, crust first?

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