Trump has tweeted about CNN ten times more than he's tweeted about education and poverty combined

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Last night Donald Trump meta-tweeted.

He said that his use of Twitter was "modern day Presidential". Presumably because it wouldn't fit under the standard "Presidential".

But is his social media usage profound?

Is he using it to show the world how in only 140 characters he can get across key issues that the American people care about?

Erm, no.

He tends to use it to tweet about his own self-interest.

Before we get accused of being #FakeNews - here are some cold hard numbers.

Brian Klass, a fellow at the London School of Economics tweeted last night that Trump has tweeted about CNN 433 times, and poverty 12 times.

That means he's tweeted about CNN 36 times for every time he's tweeted about poverty.

The latest victims of Trump's Twitter tirade are journalist Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who he's collectively tweeted about 47 times:

That's more than he's tweeted about Afghanistan (and that's only tweets directly at them, not including @Morning_Joe, the name of the show they host).

He's also tweeted "Sad!" 341 times, and "fake news" 65 times.

We should note, he's tweeted about CNN since since Klass's tweet last night, with a strange wrestling .GIF of the network.

We decided to look at some other words Donald Trump tweets often:

To no one's surprise things like "Syria" and "Healthcare" rank lower than really important campaign issues like "@foxandfriends", "Make America Great Again", "@IvankaTrump" and "Crooked Hillary".

Note, this is only applying to tweets that are currently active, not ones he has tweeted and since deleted, and isn't the total number of tweets but the amount of times he's mentioned them, so if he's said "healthcare" three times in a tweet, it will count three times.

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