Republicans have put a laugh track over Trump's latest interview and the result is hilarious

Donald Trump might have thought that his latest interview with Fox News might have been a walk in the park but it was far from it.

His conversation with Chris Wallace, who is an outlier on Fox in that he is critical of the president, might have been one of Trump's most embarrassing moments.

Whether floundering on questions about his handling of coronavirus or bragging about 'acing' a cognitive test which really isn't that difficult, this was almost the most comedic moment of his entire presidency and what could make it funnier? A laugh track, of course.

The Lincoln Project, who are a group of Republicans that are against Trump, has released a video of the interview but made it look like it was part of an introduction to an episode of the classic 90s sitcom Seinfeld.

Trumpfeld might not have the classic jokes and characters of the show that inspired it but there is no doubt that it exposes just how bizarre and hilarious (at least not for the president) this entire interview was.

The clip ends with a joke but also quite a telling line about Trump's latest boasts.

Don't you believe that America deserves a president that doesn't brag that he can spot an elephant?

Seinfeld was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the latter of which went on to create Curb Your Enthusiasmwhich you may recall was the subject of a tweet that Trump posted in February, which he thought was supporting him but was actually mocking his fans.

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