Trump fans tricked into thanking 'Satan' for supporting president

Trump fans tricked into thanking 'Satan' for supporting president

A string of high-profile American conservatives and Trump supporters have been tricked into thanking Satan for supporting the president.

The likes of Corey Lewandowski, Sebastian Gorka, Tomi Lahren and outspoken Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio were all duped into thanking someone called 'Iblis' for campaigning for the president.

However, unknowing to them the name 'Iblis' is actually Satan in Arabic. The prank was organised by comedy writer Ali-Asghar Abedi via the Cameo video app where users can pay celebrities to say whatever they want.

Huffington Post reports that Roger Stone, another person with close ties to Trump, had been sent the request but never recorded the video.

Abedi admits that he did spell the name 'Ebliz' when he sent the request. He is quoted as saying:

I left clues for them. I told them that Iblis was Arab American. If they had a sense of the world beyond MAGA, they’d research what Iblis means in an Arab context. I guess they’re true adherents to capitalism, placing money ahead of their own dignity. I spelled it ‘Ebliz’ and laid out the pronunciation as ‘ibb-lease.’ But [I] figured mentioning that Iblis is Arab should have been a cue to vet the request with someone who knows Arabic.

This isn't the first time that Abedi has caught out members of the American right-wing. Earlier this year he pranked Tomi Lahren into calling Trump a 'jackass' in Hindi.

Abedi also shared other pranks he has successfully pulled off including Joe Arpaio reciting pro-immigration lyrics from the musical Hamilton, having the founder of the Proud Boys use language from RuPaul's Drag Race and Kaitlin Bennett calling Trump an a**hole in Hindi.

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