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Donald Trump has launched an unprecedented but completely botched attack on Mark Sanford, the Republican who announced that he would be running against Trump in the 2020 election.

The president laid into Sanford, the former governor of South Carolina on Twitter and speculated on a scandal linked to the Congressman dating back to 2009, when he went missing for a week in the summer.

Sanford had reportedly told his staff that he was going to hike the Appalachian Trail, a mountain route between the states of Georgia and Maine, but later admitted to having an affair with an Argentinian woman, when he was caught on a flight from Buenos Aries.

When aiming his jibes at Sanford, Trump suggested that he had been involved with a 'Flaming Dancer', which would appear to be the president trying to say that Sanford had been involved with a 'flamenco dancer'.

However, in previous attacks on Sanford, dating back to a 2018 rally in Ohio, he said that the Republican was a man who likes 'flamingo dancers from Argentina.' So, not only has he spelled flamingo incorrectly in his tweets he also hasn't learned that it should actually be 'flamenco.'

Anyway, Trump bizarre typo has spawned a wonderful and hilarious meme. Here are some of the best tweets so far.

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