Cops swarm Muay Thai trainer during workout - because of his Apple Watch

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An Australian man was taken aback when 15 armed police officers suddenly showed up at the gym where he works as a personal trainer believing there to be an emergency.

The man, Jamie Alleyne, is a Muay Thai fighter and boxing trainer at PTJ Galdesville in Sydney, Australia.

While training his first client of the day on Tuesday, Alleyne, 34, heard a police officer come in asking if everything was all right.

“He walked inside and said they received a call about gunshots,” Alleyne recalled to News.au.

At first, Alleyne was shocked and confused, saying he had not seen or heard anything related to gunshots. Then moments later, the 15 officers showed up alongside ambulances.

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“That’s when I started bricking myself,” Alleyne said.

An officer told Alleyne he had made a call to 112, an alternative number for emergency services in Australia.

The Muay Thai fighter was confused because he did not have his phone on him while he was training clients. But after looking at his dialed calls- he realized he did call 112 accidentally on his Apple Watch.

While training with his clients, Alleyne said Siri kept popping up on his watch while he was yelling out combos like "one, one, two" and motivating his clients with words of encouragement like "good shot."

“The button is on the side of the watch and if it is pressed down for long enough, Siri is activated," Alleyne explained. "In that time I must have yelled out 'one, one, two,' it called emergency and they heard the impact of the pads and me saying 'good shot' or 'nice shot'."

While there was no major emergency to attend to, Alleyne said he was impressed by their response time.

“They were out here so fast – their response time was amazing and I commend them for that," he said.

Luckily nothing was wrong and the officers were understanding.

Alleyne says he has now deactivated Siri.

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