Woman's vicious rant points out the problems with PETA


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more commonly known as PETA, campaigns for animal rights, including ending the fur and leather industry and ending the consumption of dairy products. But their reputation is marred by controversy.

Tumblr user Katherine Pedia served up a lengthy post documenting the organisation's many alleged and real transgressions.

Here’s the post:

“You guys remember when PETA stole people’s [sic] pets off their porches and euthanised them?"

“You guys remember how it came out that PETA kills about 90 per cent of the animals it takes in, including healthy and adoptable puppies and kittens, stating: 'We could become a no-kill shelter immediately. It means we wouldn’t do as much work'?"

"You guys remember when PETA advocated killing all pit bulls for the crime of being pit bulls?"

"You guys remember when PETA handed out these comics to children when there were no adults looking?"

"You guys remember when they made a porn site and then filled it with videos of animal abuse, and (also in that link) claimed cats should be vegetarian?"

"You guys remember when PETA lied about sheep shearing, got caught, and defended the lie as true even after they admitted the sheep in their picture wasn’t even real?"

"You guys remember when they tried to excuse their horrifying ways by claiming that the person who exposed them was manipulating the facts by taking them and putting them in the wrong context?"

"Ah c’mon, dear-tumb1r, I think you’re being a bit harsh. I mean, okay, PETA’s done some questionable things, but it’s not like they’ve also:

- Spread false information about milk causing autism based on outdated bullshit information"

- Used holocaust imagery to compare the meat industry to concentration camps

Katherine goes on to write:

Because I remember. I remember everything. And I’m gonna make sure everyone else remembers too. 

Why would they kill pit bulls they’re sweeties

Because PETA does not care about animals. they do not care that these dogs live and breathe and feel and want love like every other dog. They do not care about the history of human/dog bonding and co-evolution, they do not care that dogs and human beings have relied on each other for millennia, they do not care that its cruel and morally repugnant to put down an animal just because you can, they do not care about animals. 

indy100 asked PETA for comment on its policy to euthanise animals and asked it to provide statistics about the number of animals that were given to PETA in 2017 and which were rehomed and euthanised. It also asked PETA about its policy towards pitbulls.

A representative responded by saying “this story is not new”, and referred to a 2016 news release by PETA US about the organisation spending $2 million on local assistance and its sterilisation of “a record-breaking 12,000 cats and dogs”.

In a blog post written by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk in February 2018, she writes that euthanasia is defined as a “merciful release from life in order to end suffering”.

How can anyone fail to recognise that there is a world of difference between painlessly euthanising animals — the aged, injured, sick, and dying, whose guardians can’t afford euthanasia, for instance — out of compassion, as PETA does, and causing them terror, pain, and a prolonged death by leaving them to struggle to survive on the streets, at the hands of untrained and uncaring 'technicians', or animal abusers?

You can read the entirety of Katherine Pediga's post here.

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