No one would buy this car, so the owner came up with a genius video

Eugene Romanovsky

Badly spelt advert on Gumtree? Dubiously authentic photo on eBay? Post-it in a newsagent window...?

There are a multitude of ways to shift your stuff secondhand.

But one creative genius took the road less travelled when he decided to sell his old Suzuki Vitara.

Visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky created what might possibly be the single most inventive car advert in history - and given the utter randomness of conventional car adverts, that's really saying something.

The Israeli-based Latvian made this incredible two-minute video to show off everything wonderful about the vehicle, posted under the title: "With deep sorrow selling my little beast..."

The video has had over four million views - not bad for the creative director of a graphics department.

And pretty outstanding for a beat-up SUV.

Romanovsky told ISRAEL21Cthat he has had endless enquiries from around the globe, but ended up selling the car to someone just down the road in Israel.

The funny thing is, the person who bought it didn't see the movie. He saw the car on the street.

H/T: Bored Panda

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