Where in the world people are most likely to die taking a selfie

(Picture: Don Arnold/Getty Images
(Picture: Don Arnold/Getty Images

The selfie has been slowly decreasing in popularity since its heyday of 2014.

Which is probably a good thing, as they have been involved in several deaths over the past few years, as Priceonomics has found.

Of the 49 selfie-related deaths they found, in what should not be considered a complete study, 36 were men and 13 were women, with the most common age for deaths being 21.

As the below chart by Statista shows, India was the country with the most selfie-related deaths:

The most likely cause of death was a fall from a height, followed by drowning. So next time you're about to get a shot of the horizon from a tall building, remember your life is more important than your camera roll.

The people adding to these numbers are probably like-minded with this adventurous fellow...

...or, you know, you could just be unlucky:

(Original picture: Don Arnold/Getty Images)

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