This perfectly-timed photo catches the exact moment a 'dad joke' landed

This perfectly-timed photo catches the exact moment a 'dad joke' landed

There's a special brand of joke which is so punny, so cringe-inducingly awful, that only one member of the family could be guilty of such atrocities.

We speak, of course, of 'dad jokes'.

One Imgur user, Jebbe, uploaded a shot that shows the exact moment a family listened to a dad joke, while the dad in question trying his hand at a selfie stick.

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As one commenter, 'DovahQuinn', pointed out, the son's role in this photo gives a strange, dynastical perspective to the photo.

I like how the one son is just accepting his fate like: "This is gonna be me some day"

Sadly, we'll never know what the dad joke was, although we certainly know this man is a king among dads.

Here's a handful of suggestions as to what the dad joke could have been, adapted from some wonderful Reddit entries.

We hope you enjoy them.

Number one:

I went to the doctor for a hand injury and asked him if I'd be able to play the piano when it healed. He said I'd be fine in a few days. I replied: "Brilliant, I've always wanted to play an instrument."

Number two:

Rest in peace, boiling water. You shall be mist.

Number three:

I recently joined a gym, but found it was a scam. Why should I pay for free weights?

Number four:

The best pick-up advice I've ever been given is to bend your knees.

Number five:

I'm friends with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don't know y.

Number six:

I'd love to go to the local watch museum, but I can never find the time.

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