Why Labour is very angry with Barack Obama

Labour has taken an unusual swipe against Barack Obama after he said David Cameron had been good for the UK economy.

During a visit by the prime minister to Washington last week, the US president said Cameron "must be doing something right".

But Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman hit back, saying Obama "does not really know what is going on in this country".

She told LBC:

If he was saying David Cameron has run the economy in a good way, the impact it will have is most people will feel that Obama does not really know what is going on in this country, and doesn’t know that although the figures might show there has been an economic recovery, most people don’t feel better off.

For Obama to say David Cameron is right and everything is fine, I think people will just disagree with President Obama, and think of their own experience. People know their pay have stagnated, and costs have gone up.

Whatever Cameron or Obama say, the Tories have not run the economy well, and people have lost out, unless you are the very top and have had an absolute bonanza.

It's rare for either major party to criticise the leader of Britain's closest ally on the world stage, especially Labour with a Democratic president.

Watch a clip from the interview below, or click here for a full version.

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