If you're like us, you'll have been obsessively watching the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and you'll probably agree that it is has been great.

Whether it was the Tonga flag bearer, the American skiers wearing Marvel inspired outfits or North and South Korean athletes showing unity through selfies there has been a lot of things worth celebrating.

It appears that all that skating and snowboarding is getting everyone a little hot under the collar, and that is translating into a spike in traffic for, you guessed it, PornHub.

In data shared from the free pornographic streaming site, searches for Olympics related terms have increased by more than 500 percent since the games began earlier this month.

Picture:Picture: pornhub.com/insights

That might not seem too unusual, after all, PornHub has previously shown that weird searches often occur during certain events and holidays, like Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.

If you dig a little deeper, their data shows that more specific searches have been happening, with "Winter Olympics" rising a staggering 3445 per cent.

Elsewhere 'nude Olympics' and sports like 'figure skating' and 'hockey' have become popular. Whether they return any results that specific is beyond us, but we wouldn't be surprised.

Nationalities like Korean, Russian, Chinese and Norwegian have also seen an increase.

Picture:Picture: pornhub.com/insights

These searches only account for the wider world, so what is happening directly in Peyongchang itself?

As you may well know, athletes have been known to keep themselves entertained in the Olympic village with dating apps, and PornHub is proving popular this year, despite Korea blocking all porn sites.

People have clearly been going to great lengths to get their fix of pornography in the Gangwon-do region as visits to PornHub have rapidly soared since the start of February.

Picture:Picture: pornhub.com/insights

That aside, the most interesting findings were that female visits had grown to 25 per cent, while visitors over the age of 65 had skyrocketed by 80 per cent.

What type of porn are these people actually looking for? The top search from the region has been "threesome" with a 35 per cent jump, closely followed by "lesbian" at 34 per cent.

So, there you go. Chances are you'll never look at the Doubles Luge or Curling in the same way again.

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