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The stereotype goes that all men are sex-starved maniacs, constantly turned down by women who’d rather just cuddle.

But stereotypes are thankfully fading, and it's now fair to say that women’s sex drives are no longer taboo.

Now it's now fully established that women like sex, it's about time we started talking about the fact they may actually want more of it than men do - according to a new survey at least.

Voucher Codes Pro surveyed more than 2,000 Brits, who were all in a long-term relationship.

They found that 59 per cent of women said they wanted more sex than they were currently getting, compared to just 41 per cent of men.

That's an 18 percentage point difference.

In addition - one fifth of couples argue about the fact they’re not having enough sex, and just under three fifths of respondents said their sex lives were lacking a sense of adventure.

A naughty seven per cent of those who admitted they didn’t get enough sex in the relationship said they got it outside of the relationship, while two fifths said they looked at “adult content online”.

Adult toys were the answer for 28 per cent.

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