The world map of prostitution

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This is not a street level live map of where all the prostitutes are. That would just be creepy.

Sex work has a variety of legal states around the world.

Some countries who have bans on prostitution punish the sex worker, while other legislative systems only punish the client.

On the popular subreddit MapPorn, user Gabbar-ka-baap shared this map of the world colour coded by its prostitution laws.

In November 2017 Andrew Boff, Conservative member of the the London Assembly advocated the creation of 'managed sex sale areas' in the city.

Boff said the introduction of red light areas that could be regulated and protected would benefit everyone.

Holbeck, Leeds piloted and then permanently introduced a scheme of managed sex sale areas in 2015.

The Holbeck scheme allows sex to be sold between 7pm and 7am without fear of arrest, so long as participants follow certain rules.

According toTheDaily Star, the proportion of prostitutes in Holbeck reporting attacks to the police had dropped 50 per cent, to 3 per cent.

Speaking at the Adam Smith Institute, Boff told the audience,

If we really believe in the welfare of the sex worker – either those who have made their mind up without any coercion or those on the margins – then we have got to believe in changing what we are doing

However Boff said he did not support the 'exploitative' red light district like those in Amsterdam.

Let’s have a managed area where these women can sell sex.

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