Grant Shapps owns himself and his entire department in just one sentence

Grant Shapps owns himself and his entire department in just one sentence

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Not content with “driving” trains or wearing sunglasses in silly promotional videos, or having to explain why civil servants in his department learned how to juggle during an away day, transport secretary Grant Shapps is back embarrassing himself once again.

Mr Shapps - who decided to stand to be the next leader of the Conservative Party, released a campaign video which lasted just 13 seconds and then dropped out of the contest – made his latest blunder during an interview on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday.

Speaking on a day where rail workers from the RMT union have once again gone on strike in a dispute over pay, Mr Shapps noted: “There hasn’t been a single day, in the three years that I’ve been transport secretary, where there hasn’t been either a live dispute or a strike going on.

“That is not normal. That is not a way to run any industry.”

You’re right, Mr Shapps. Overseeing a department which has been unable to resolve disputes for three years is definitely not normal.

We’d hope this exceptional self-own might lead to an epiphany from the transport secretary that something clearly isn’t working with his current running of the department, but we’re not holding our breath.

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In the meantime, Twitter users have had a field day pointing out Mr Shapps’ excruciating slip-up:

Not content with the four goals scored by England’s Lionesses on Tuesday night, when they played against Sweden and made it to the Euro 2022 final, it seems as though Mr Shapps wanted to score a goal of his own.

Shame it’s an own-goal though, Grant.

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