Tory MP Lee Anderson now wants to take on anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray in a boxing match

Tory MP Lee Anderson now wants to take on anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray in a boxing match
Tory MP Lee Anderson challenges anti-Brexit protester to a boxing match
Chopper’s Politics Podcast

The embarrassing and ridiculous lengths Tory MP Lee Anderson will go to in order to make a political point is truly a sight to behold, and his latest comments have seen him challenge prominent anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray to a boxing match.

Yes, really.

The Ashfield MP, branded ‘30p Lee’ by critics after his comments on food bank users, has previously attracted attention for ‘condescending’ tweets about the cost of living, attempting to roast a person’s Twitter following only to end up boosting it instead, and sharing personal details about a parliamentary staffer in order to make a political point.

Now, the Conservative has turned his attention to Mr Bray, also known as ‘Stop Brexit Steve’ after regularly shouting the phrase through a loudhailer when parliament was debating our EU withdrawal.

Mr Ashfield told the Chopper’s Politics podcast, hosted by The Telegraph’s associate editor Christopher Hope: “He’s a nuisance, and I’ve got a challenge for him.

“Meet me in the boxing ring, let’s do three rounds, and if I win, he never protests out there again."

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Anderson added: “And if he wins, I’ll go and protest with him.”

He added it would be “for charity”, and that the money raised if he wins can go to a charity he supports.

“At the moment, the charity on my mind is a suicide charity for young males,” he said.

Except many Twitter users aren’t too sold on the “pathetic” idea, pointing out that if you have to be physical to make a political argument instead of a sensible debate, then you’ve kind of forfeited already.

One wrote: “30p Lee Anderson MP challenging Steve Bray to a boxing match is exactly why our politics are in decline. Fist fights don’t determine anything other than physical strength or power.

“A debate on policy/evidence might be a better test. Take thuggery out of our politics, please.”

Another replied: “A politician who resorts to using fists rather than though has already lost whatever argument they were trying to foist.”

“’What can I say to get attention now,’ says old man with absolutely nothing to say,” quipped a third.

Responding to the absurd challenge, Mr Bray tweeted: “Lee Anderson will not cheapen or demean anyone’s right to protest by putting a farcical duel in place in the name of charity!

“If he’s as concerned as he says about suicide then he would give up being a Tory MP and start reversing the damage the Tory Party have inflicted on us all.

Left, Lee Anderson, a white man in a black suit with short grey hair. Right, Steve Bray, a white man wearing a grey top hat, black coat and blue t-shirt. He holds a placard in each hand.Tory MP Lee Anderson (left) has challenged Steve Bray (right) to a boxing match. UK Parliament and Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

“Finally on this… It’s to point out that at times like these charities don’t just need money, they need people too!

“The Samaritans, for example, they always need volunteers, people that can listen, people that can be there for those in despair that just need someone to listen!”

Well said, Steve.

It isn’t the first time Mr Bray and Mr Anderson have clashed, as back in April last year the Tory MP accused the campaigner of being “nothing but a parasite” and “dressed like a tramp” – to which Mr Bray claimed the politician lies “time and time again”.

More recently, an altercation between the two of them earlier this month saw Mr Anderson swipe Stop Brexit Steve’s familiar grey hat off his head, before he was able to get it back.

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