Marjorie Taylor Greene’s pronunciation of ‘indictable’ sparks ridicule

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s pronunciation of ‘indictable’ sparks ridicule

Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'Trump gave America the best four years' in United States history

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You would think, what with all the indictments levelled at fellow Republican Donald Trump (of whom she is a staunch supporter), Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene would know how to pronounce the word ‘indictment’, but her unfortunate mispronunciation of the word during a Homeland Security Committee hearing has gone viral.

The committee met on Tuesday to “mark up” articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, which accuse the official of a “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” and a “breach of public trust” over his handling of the border crisis.

In a letter to the committee’s chair, Mark Green, Mr Mayorkas branded the allegations that he failed to enforce immigration laws as “false” and added: “We have provided Congress and your committee hours of testimony, thousands of documents, hundreds of briefings, and much more information that demonstrates quite clearly how we are enforcing the law.”

Republicans on the committee backed the articles, while Democrats voted against, meaning they passed in a split of 18-15.

While Mr Green has claimed Mr Mayorkas cannot “remain in office any longer”, Mississippi representative Bennie Thompson slammed the move as a “baseless sham”.

As for Ms Greene, her contribution on Tuesday included the remarks: “This historical evidence is overwhelming that the Founding Fathers intended impeachment to be used to deal with the commission of indictable crimes and the abuse of power.”

Except instead of pronouncing ‘indictable’ correctly as ‘in-die-tah-ball’, the politician (who has previously expressed support for the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon and claimed she does not believe in evolution) said it as ‘in-dick-tah-ball’.

Oh dear.

And of course, the internet has poked fun at the “laughing stock”, with some referring to Ms Greene previously showing nude pictures of Hunter Biden during a House Oversight Committee hearing back in July last year.

Other verbal blunders from Ms Greene in the past include confusing the Gestapo with “gazpacho”, complaining about rights being “fragrantly violated” and telling FBI director Christopher A. Wray that the Department of Homeland Security is “censoring Americans” when he is very much not a part of that government department.

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