Michael Gove can't name single change from Brexit that has 'made business …

Michael Gove needed a glass of water after being grilled by Kay Burley but he ended up drinking from the presenter's glass.

The Levelling Up secretary appeared on Sky News earlier today where he was asked about the story The Guardianrecently broke that alleged Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her children secretly received £29m from a PPE firm she recommended to ministers.

It was reported that Mone contacted Gove, who was a Cabinet minister at the time, on his personal email to recommend a PPE business.

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Burley put these latest claims to Gove, who said he referred all offers of help with personal protective equipment to the "appropriate civil service channels."

When asked about Mone contacting him via his personal email address, Gove responded, "There were lots of people who approached me, whether through email, text or in the precincts of the House of Commons or wherever to say that they could help us [with PPE]."

Burley also questioned Gove whether he feels sorry about "the fact that millions of pounds were wasted because of that introduction."

"I introduced lots of people so of course, I regret the fact that there was any [money] that was wasted but what you're trying to imply is that it was my-"

Kay interrupted the politician, "No, I'm not. I'm just asking how you feel about it," and added, "I would have been mortified if it had been me."

"Because?" Gove asked.

Burley replied, "Because it's a lot of money that's been wasted."

"Yes of course it is!" Gove exclaimed. He then explained how problems with PPE at the time meant the government was "anxious to secure contracts from everyone."

Burley remarked, "A decision that was made in haste."

"Well, everyone was making that decision-" Gove answered

Kay interjected, "- doesn't mean it's correct"

"Everyone was making that decision based on what individual organisations put forward and what the independent process decided - I did not decide to award that contract," Gove said.

"You didn't you're right," Burley said. Gove thanked her as she was about to move on to energy as the next topic of discussion.

But before moving on, it appears the previous exchange left the minister parched, or with a dry mouth, as he could be seen reaching for Burley's glass of water - something the presenter called out.

"Are you having my water?" she asked him.

"Yes," Gove replied as he took a sip.

Since then, the interview has been making rounds on social media, as people have noted how "shaky" Gove was by the line of questioning resulting in him picking up Burley's glass.

Best for Britain, a cross-party campaign group noted how Gove was having an "ABSOLUTE PANIC" during the interview.

Best for Britain pointed out Gove drinking Burley's waterTwitter/BestForBritain

Dragons Den star and businesswoman Deborah Meaden described Gove's performance as "shaky."

Deborah Meaden gave her verdict on Gove's Sky News interviewTwitter/DeborahMeaden

Others on Twitter also shared similar round-ups, as one person described the interview as one of "the joys of British media."

People were quick to note Gove stealing Burley's water Twitter/marcio_delgado

Another questioned "what was that about" in response to Gove stealing the glass of water.

People were quick to note Gove stealing Burley's water Twitter/amiwyllienews

Someone else guessed that Gove was "getting dry mouth" as an explanation for his need for water at the time.

People were quick to note Gove stealing Burley's water Twitter/jsmcneill1

There was plenty of laughing emojis in reaction to the incident too.

People were quick to note Gove stealing Burley's water Twitter/Ed_Pritch91

It is important to stay hydrated... especially after you've received a grilling live on national TV.

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