Nadine Dorries claims that Boris Johnson was removed by a 'coup'

Nadine Dorries is at it again with her wild takes and this time she is acting like the removal of Boris Johnson from the government was akin to the French Revolution, or something like that.

Asked on Sky News by Kay Burley how much she "blames" Rishi Sunak for the fall of the bumbling PM a few short weeks ago, she said it was a "coup" - it wasn't.

"It is not a secret that things happened that shouldn't have happened and that Boris Johnson was removed via a coup," the culture secretary bored on, before changing the subject and trying to talk about the Commonwealth Games taking place.

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Here's what really happened: Johnson resigned after a huge number of his government also did (including Sunak), meaning he no longer commanded enough support.

While he wasn't best pleased about the situation -as made clear by his resignation speech - it certainly wasn't a coup, which is defined as "a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government."

Indeed, Johnson is still the PM while the Tory party decides - via a democratic voting process - who will replace him out of Sunak and Liz Truss.

So no, not a coup, Dorries. But thanks for the Trumpian rhetoric.

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