Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak painted as caricature boxers in bonkers Belfast ...

As the Tory leadership election goes on, and on, the two remaining contenders - Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss - faced each other again for yet another hustings.

Given these ones took place in Perth, Scotland, there was a lot more chat about Scottish independence than there have been in other hustings, but they also talked about the cost of living crisis, how to stand up to Vladimir Putin and numerous other issues.

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Things weren't exactly smooth, either, as they were met with protesters who told them where to go.

But who won? Highlights reel, please:

Rishi Sunak

"I want to take on this lefty woke culture that seems to want to cancel our history, our values and our women," 1/10

Oh dear. Trailing in the polls, it appears Sunak has succumbed to playing in petty culture wars to try and get some last minute support. Sinking to this level is pretty disappointing to us, but it got a big cheer from Tories in the audience.

"I don't just want to ignore Nicola Sturgeon, I want to take her on and beat her," 6/10

Sunak referenced Truss' infamous comments about what kind of relationship she would have with the Scottish leader if she becomes PM. He appeared to made a dig at Truss' apparent lack of diplomacy before presenting an alternative way of handling his opposition that still went down well with the audience.

"Most important issue facing all of us," 8/10

Sunak was speaking about the cost of living crisis here and we can't disagree with him. If only he had done more when he was the chancellor...

"What people in Scotland want is... to see their governments, Scottish and UK governments working together," 4/10

It is a nice sentiment, but we reckon Scottish people probably know more about what people in Scotland want than Sunak.

Liz Truss

"We've had several decades of low growth across the United Kingdom," 2/10

We have. We have indeed. And who has been in power for the last 12 years? The Tories? Ah...

"I would make sure, if I was prime minister, that we help people as much as we are able to help them," 1/10

Way to do the bear minimum, Liz! What a pitch to the people.

"I was worried about disruption, disruption didn't take place," 0/10

Talking about why she didn't initially back Brexit, Truss said she was worried that it might end up disruptive but has been reassured by its implementation. To that we can only wonder what version of the UK she has been living in, because it certainly hasn't been the same as us.


Sunak used his past to pitch himself to unsure Tories. He bragged about his various achievements in government like someone losing the room during a job interview. But with time running out and Truss still soaring ahead in the polls, he came across slightly desperate.

Truss came across tired and complacent as if she was as bored of the sound of her own voice as we are. In contrast to Sunak, her pitch was geared to the future and what she would do rather than what she has done.

So who was the winner? It is a tough one this time, We would say this one was a draw but there are no winners really when it comes to the Tories.

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