Rishi Sunak backs Jeremy Clarkson's cringe A-Level results tweet

Rishi Sunak backs Jeremy Clarkson's cringe A-Level results tweet
Father-of-four tells Rishi Sunak he will be paying mortgage from grave due …

When A-Level results day comes around, the annual Jeremy Clarkson tweet is tradition - and this year's tweet has been backed by Rishi Sunak.

Since 2014, the former Top Gear presenter has taken to Twitter/X to share the fact that he got a C and 2 U's when he was at school and that despite his results, he ended up doing well for himself.

At the end of each tweet, there is a new and not-so-humble brag about his success - such as having "loads of friends and a Bentley [in 2021]," and "a Mercedes Benz [in 2014]."

So what was Clarkson's 2023 results day tweet?

"It’s not the end of the world if your A level results aren’t what you’d hoped for. I got a C and 2 Us and here I am today with my own brewery," the 63-year-old tweeted.

Now, prime minister Rishi Sunak has supported Clarkson's message with a retweet and noted how he has a "good point."

"Jeremy has made a career of being the exception not the rule but he does have a good point here: Results day is important, but not necessarily a deal-breaker," Sunak tweeted.

He added: "Whatever results you got today, there are lots of options available to you."

Though some were far from impressed by the endorsement given the presenter's controversies over the years and the fact that both Sunak and Clarkson went to private schools.

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