Tory icon Tiger Patel delivers manifesto pledge in mere days of being a councillor

Tory icon Tiger Patel delivers manifesto pledge in mere days of being a councillor

A local politician who went viral for a bizarre campaign video filmed in a children’s playground has shown he is as competent as he is iconic, by delivering on a promise just days into his tenure.

Tiger Patel, who was elected as a councillor in Blackburn, fixed a swing in the park he campaigned in, he revealed on Twitter.

In a video he said: “I made one video here before the election... and today I am here, Blackburn Council thank you for fixing the swing here.”

He then showed a card a child made for him asking to fix the swing, triumphant.

Patel went viral for a video in which he walked round the park with the ‘Tabdeeli Ayi Re’ song made famous during Imran Khan’s Pakistan election campaign playing in the background.

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He posed on the slide, next to Conservative party banners and regrettably atop of a playing frame with unfortunately placed graffiti beneath him.

Patel, who reportedly is inspired by Boris Johnson (we guess no-one is completely perfect) told the press he didn’t notice the graffiti. And speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph following his council triumph, he said: “I am honestly speechless for once. This win is for the community. They want change I always felt it.

“In the past three years we have put a lot of work in the local neighbourhood and I think people have responded to that.

“I felt we had a chance. Next I just want to get to work.”

And get to work he clearly has done, much to the pride of his dedicated fan base who celebrated his swing fixing prowess:

Someone even asked him to be the next leader of the Conservatives:

In other videos posted recently, Patel attacked previous councillors for not organising enough bin collections and went to clean up litter himself, showing that becoming a politician has not made him lose his down to earth qualities.

We can’t wait to see what is next for him.

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