Trump supporters fuel conspiracy theories after Hunter Biden verdict

Trump supporters fuel conspiracy theories after Hunter Biden verdict
Fox hosts reacting differently to Donald Trump and Hunter Biden guilty verdicts

Hunter Biden's felony conviction has sparked waves of conspiracy theories from Trump supporters.

That's right, MAGA types are claiming the conviction of Joe Biden's son is just part of an elaborate plot orchestrated by the Department of Justice to weaken outrage over Trump's own felony convictions.

Many figures within online conservative circles have suggested that Biden's charges to create an "illusion of balance", and make Trump's conviction appear fair.

Conservative influencer Tim Young said he "predicted the Hunter Biden verdict" after previously suggesting that Biden would be convicted during an interview with GB News.

“Poor Hunter has to be the example that everything is ‘equal’ in this country and everyone is ‘equal’ under law. This is them saying, ‘we’re going after Trump, but we’re going to put down one of our own as well’", he said at the time.

Similarly, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, said, "this is a fake trial trying to make the Justice system appear 'balanced.' Don't fall for it."

Former White House policy advisor Stephen Miller has also suggested that the gun charges are simply a "misdirection", a way to turn the focus away from foreign agent charges that would lead back to Biden.

“The gun charges are a giant misdirection,” Miller wrote on Twitter/X. “An easy op for DOJ to sell to a pliant media that is all too willing to be duped. Don’t be gaslit. This is all about protecting Joe Biden and only Joe Biden.”

Miller wasn't the only one to suggest this.

Twitter/X account 'End Wokeness' that constantly posts right-wing content, used the conviction to talk about Ukraine conspiracies.

"Hunter Biden is a red herring. The real person of interest in the Ukraine bribery/laundering is the Big Guy. We all know exactly who that is," a post read.

The Joe Biden-Ukraine conspiracy alleges that whilst Vice President, Biden took a bribe to pressure Ukraine away from investigating a gas company to protect his son who sat on the board. The conspiracy was led by an FBI informant who was recently charged for fabricating the whole story.

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