This is how much MPs pay for a pint in Westminster

This is how much MPs pay for a pint in Westminster
Do you have a drinking problem? Here's how to tell

Ever wondered how much the drinks are in the House of Commons?

It is not the most pressing political issue of our times but amid allegations that Westminster has a culture of sexism and misogyny, with defence minister Ben Wallace suggesting MPs should avoid bars to combat the problem, the bevvies of the Commons have attracted public interest.

Strangers' Bar is perhaps the best known bar in parliament, open to MPs, staff, and their guests.

There, MPs can enjoy a central London pint costing just £3.56, or an IPA for £3.45.

If wine is more their tipple of choice, MPs can enjoy a medium glass of white and still have change from a fiver, or level up with a glass of champers for under £10.

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And don't get us started on how cheap the spirits are:

While some have suggested avoiding bars like these, minister Kwasi Kwarteng said that whilst some of the allegations against MPs are "extraordinary and unacceptable’" the bars shouldn’t be closed.

He told Sky News: “No, they shouldn’t all be shut, I don’t think we should have an excessively puritanical, severe regime in that regard.”

A spokesperson for the House of Commons told LADBible: “Catering services, including the sale of beverages, at Parliament are not subsidised.

"Our food and drink prices are regularly benchmarked with venues outside Parliament, and the catering service continuously seeks to reduce costs.

"House of Commons bars do not normally run at a loss.

"The contribution in overall profit from the bars helps reduce the cost of catering services.”

Note to self: Become MP to enjoy cheap drinks...

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