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The creator of Gmail says this AI chatbot could kill off Google search

The creator of Gmail says this AI chatbot could kill off Google search
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ChatGPT, the newest and most advanced AI chatbot rising in popularity may give Google Search a run for its money, according to the creator of Gmail.

Since being released last week by OpenAI, ChatGPT has impressed and startled users with how comprehensive its ability to decipher prompts and deliver answers.

Examples of users engaging with ChaptGPT have gone viral on Twitter, with people believing it could be the future of advanced AI.

"Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption," Paul Buchheit, the computer engineer who helped created Gmail tweeted in response to some of the examples.

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"AI will eliminate the Search Engine Result Page, which is where they make most of their money," Buchheit, 45, added.


One example that proved the power of ChatGPT is when a user asked Google to answer a coding question then ChatGPT.

Rather than answer the question straight-forward, the Google Search results pulled keyword information from an article about the same topic. The answer was complicated to read.

On the other hand, ChatGPT used formulas and straightforward explanations to answer the question.

"The way I imagine this happening is that the URL/Search bar of the browser gets replaced with AI that autocompletes my thought/question as I type it while also providing the best answer," Buchheit wrote.

But that doesn't mean Google is gone for good, just that its business model for search results may need to change soon.

"The old search engine backend will be used by the AI to gather relevant information and links, which will then be summarized for the user," Buchheit said.

"It's like asking a professional human researcher to do the work, except the AI will instantly do what would take many minutes for a human."


ChatGPT was released by OpenAI, a company Elon Musk co-founded in 2015, dedicated to researching and developing friendly artificial intelligence.

Buchheit said just like Google "killed" the Yellow Pages, he believes "AI will do the same."

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