Fans think coronavirus has turned Britney Spears into a communist because of this Instagram post

Coronavirus has exposed, once and for all, that most celebrities live in a completely different universe to the rest of us.

Recently they’ve been posting videos from their palatial mansions begging us to stay inside (which is probably easier if your house has its own cinema, candy store, spa, pool, golf course and helipad). A group of very misguided celebrities misread the public mood to the extent that they actually thought anyone wanted to see them singing 'Imagine', and Vanessa Hudgens basically said she was kinda cool with lots of old people dying. It’s been a lot.

But there’s one celebrity who’s bucked the trend in the most unexpected, but incredible, way: the legendary miss Britney Spears.

Just days after posting on Instagram that her fans should “DM her” if they want her to buy them supplies like diapers or food, Spears has posted a message which calls for a “strike” and a “redistribution of wealth”.

On Instagram Britney re-shared a post from Mimi Zhu that promoted the sort of socialist principles most pop stars (let alone ones from Louisiana) would normally run a mile from.

A part of the post reads:

We [will] feed each other, redistribute wealth, strike.

Arise, comrade Britney.

Socialist Spears.

Gimme More socialism, queen!

It’s particularly heartening to see this, given US conservatives are currently furious at people taking time off work and even Trump has tweeted to call for a return to work (while also continuing self-isolation, which we’re not sure quite how that works, but anyway...)

Soon, the memes rolled in...

Perhaps “Work B*tch!” was really a critique of late capitalist economic structures which manipulate workers into pursuing material possessions that they don’t need while actually exploiting them?

Either way, Spears has emerged as the celebrity who has handling coronavirus in the best possible way and we're very much here for it.

Welcome to the resistance, Brit.

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