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Kendrick Lamar stopped his performance after a white fan he invited on stage repeatedly used the 'N-word'.

The rapper was performing M.A.A.D City at Hangout Festival in Alabama when he invited a white, female fan called Delaney on stage to sing with him.

Lamar started performing with her but stopped the music partway through after the fan repeatedly rapped the 'N-word', which is part of the lyrics of the song.

Delaney had turned to Lamar and asked him:

Aren’t I cool enough for you? What’s up bro?

Her question was met with boos from the audience, and Lamar responded by saying that “you got to bleep one single word though”.

Delaney apologised, claiming she hadn’t even realised she was saying the racial slur.

Oh I’m sorry. Did I do it? I’m so sorry… I’m used to singing it like you wrote it.

In the end, he gave her another chance to rap along with him - if she omitted the word.

Delaney hadn't been the only fan invited to perform on stage. Before that Rohan had also been on stage - and he had omitted the 'N-word' without being asked to.

According to Twitter user @alsostephenking, who says he was at the concert, Delaney censored herself for one verse, but when it came to the chorus she started to use the N-word again, and got "booed off the stage".

Twitter exploded with opinions.

Some people didn't understand why Delaney couldn't use the racial slur.

Others agreed wholeheartedly with Lamar’s decision

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