Sony will soon release its first R-rated Marvel movie - and it's making fans bring up Morbius again

Sony will soon release its first R-rated Marvel movie - and it's making fans bring up Morbius again

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Alongside teasing more details about a movie focusing on the Gamestop saga, Sony Pictures used this year’s CinemaCon to confirm its upcoming Marvel film about Kraven the Hunter – one of Spider-Man’s notorious villains – will be its first R-rated movie.

And fans of previous releases in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (or SSU), such as the flop that was Morbius(starring Jared Leto) and Venom (featuring Tom Hardy) aren’t exactly happy about that.

According to DiscussingFilm, a preview of Kraven sees the titular character (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) use his weapons, “his hands, and even his own teeth as he bites a piece of a poacher’s face off and spits out the blood”.

“The action is filled with over-the-top gore – as comical as the Deadpool films – as we see Kraven use everything from huge spears to fully-sized bear traps to decapitate and chop up goons to pieces,” the entertainment outlet’s description reads.

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Pretty gruesome, and those who have seen Venom and Morbius are annoyed we couldn’t have had an R-rated movie sooner, with film fans previously making the case for Morbius to be more explicit and the team behind the Venom sequel Let There Be Carnage revealing they did at one point consider making the movie with the harsher film rating:

As well as featuring a lot of gore, Kraven will also see legendary actor Russell Crowe play Kraven’s father Nikolaï, and Ariana DeBose very much “did the thing” as she will be playing Calypso.

It’s also set to feature another Marvel big bad in the form of Rhino, who we’ve already seen a version of in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Kraven is due to be released into cinemas in October.

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