M3gan voice actor reveals secrets of THAT 'Titanium' performance

M3gan voice actor reveals secrets of THAT 'Titanium' performance
M3gan trailer

Since the sci-fi horror M3gan was released in cinemas, the lifelike artificial intelligence doll with a dark side has had everyone talking.

Upon the trailer dropping back in October last year, the malicious machine became on instant meme as M3gan's creepy dance became a TikTok hit.

But now people have been posting reactions to seeing the movie in cinema, and there's one unexpected scene that prompted laughter from audiences.

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There's a part of the film where M3gan seeks to comfort Cady with her own eerie rendition of the David Guetta and Sia's 2011 hit Titanium.

Clips of the scene have gone viral on TikTok, as one video with 2.3m views recorded audience gigglesd and wrote: "When M3gan started singing Titanium and the whole cinema started laughing."

Another TikTok, with 238,000 views asked: "Yo why did M3gan sing Titanium in the middle of the movie," while a third posted a similar video that was captioned: "It’s iconic cause she’s literally made of titanium."

The videos prompted plenty of reaction from viewers who were thoroughly entertained with the movie's musical addition.

One person wrote: "I am convinced M3gan is a comedy."

"I SAID 'M3gan turn off' and everyone started laughing," another person said, sharing their movie experience.

Someone else added: "By definition M3gan is a musical."

"The movie is so good and scenes like these make it so unserious I loved it," a fourth person commented.

"Barden Bellas please recruit her," someone replied, referring to when the song was sung in acapella movie Pitch Perfect(2012).

Now, M3gan voice actor Jenna Davis has revealed how the rendition came to be, and explained how she was instructed to sing "worse" and like a certain green puppet.

“They said 'Jenna we want you to sing worse,' Never been told to sing worse in my entire life," Davis told NBC News.

"We did so many variations, hearing the end result of what they picked it was very scary because as a singer, I always want to sound my best."

The 18-year-old singer, actor and social media star added: "So when they're telling me to sing like Kermit the Frog, or Sesame Street you think, 'oh my goodness, are all these people that are going to watch this film going to think that I'm a bad singer?'"

"So that was kind of the fear, but I think it makes M3gan so fun."

For those who are a fan of M3gan's version of Titanium, the track is now available on Spotify and Apple Music as part of the film's soundtrack.

M3gan was released in UK cinemas on January 13.

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