FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY; Twitter / @hr_gardiner

Daniel Kaluuya seemed to reject remarks made by a reporter who said his new movie Get Out "ticked boxes."

The British actor was answering questions on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday and handled one question exceptionally well. A reporter, understood to be from Sky, remarked that the film’s themes “tick a lot of boxes in some ways.”

The 29-year old actor responded:

We’re not boxes, though. Articulating the black experience isn’t a box. We’re articulating our truth. We’re human beings.

It wasn’t long before Twitter picked up on the situation and a flood of praise for the actor ensued.

Kaluuya’s role in Get Out secured him a nomination for actor in a leading role. He went up against Gary Oldman, Timothée Chalamet, Daniel Day-Lewis and Denzel Washington.

Oldman ultimately picked up the prize, though to some criticism.

indy100 has contacted Sky for comment.


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