ASL translator tears up during Troy Kotsur’s emotional speech

ASL translator tears up during Troy Kotsur’s emotional speech
Troy Kotsur 'thrilled' deaf community is being recognised at film awards

While accepting the award for best supporting actor, deaf actor Troy Kotsur made an emotional speech that even had the American Sign Language (ASL) translator tearing up.

"My dad, he was the best signer in our family, but he was in a car accident and he became paralyzed from the neck down, and he no longer was able to sign,” Kotsur said in his acceptance speech, “Dad, I learned so much from you. I’ll always love you. You are my hero.”

The ASL translator held back tears as Kotsur thanked his family, the CODA film team, and the ASL community.

Kotsur is the first deaf man to win an Oscar for acting, he is the second deaf person to ever win an Oscar. His win is a historic moment for the deaf community and people with disabilities around the world.

"This is our moment," Kotsur said while speaking to the deaf community.

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As Kotsur's name was announced, and signed, by Youn Yuh-jung, the audience signed 'applause' in ASL for Kotsur too.

As Troy Kotsur walked up to stage to accept his Oscar, the audience signed 'applause' in ASL ABC

Users on social media expressed their love for Kotsur and how his speech made them tear up as well.

Kotsur was favored to win best supporting actor for his performance in CODA.The actor previously won a BAFTA, which he said he was 'thrilled' about because it was bringing attention to the deaf community.

This year's Oscar's ceremony was a lively affair. It kicked off with DJ Khaled bursting onto the stage and leaving everyone confused, Jason Momoa burped as he presented the best Oscar for sound design. Hans Zimmer had the coolest acceptance ever, picking up his Oscar in his bathrobe at 2am in the morning in Amsterdam .

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