There’s a real-life Prof Snape running Covid vaccine trial— and Harry Potter fans are excited
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It’s safe to assume that having the same name as a famous fictional character could have its charms.

However, if you have a similar career to said famous fictional characters, it could probably get annoying.

That might be the case for Professor Matthew Snape, a vaccine researcher from the Oxford Vaccine Group who has the same last name and title as one of Harry Potter’s antagonists.

Currently, Professor Snape (the real-life one) is conducting a crucial Covid-19 vaccine trial in the United Kingdom.

Harry Potter fans didn’t hesitate to point out Snape’s name when the British news outlets began covering the vaccine trial in the week.

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Matthew Snape is the chief investigator of what is called the Com-Cov vaccine trial. This is a medical trial testing of the effectiveness of combining different Covid-19 vaccines on the same patient.

Over 800 people have already taken part in the research and have received either two doses of Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, or a “mix and match.”

It’s a significant study indeed, but people are more so fixated on the professor’s name, especially since his job ( sort of) involves mixing “magical potions” together.

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The University of Oxford also reconfirmed that this Snape is not a “Dark Arts” professor and is “a lot friendlier.”

The medical study tackles a fundamental question on people’s minds: what would happen if you take one type of Covid vaccination and then follow up with a different one?

According to BBC, Health experts believe that it is safe to combine different Covid-19. But are there any long-term effects, and is it effective against the virus?

The trial is set to expand with new volunteers and will run for a year. Matthew Snape hasn’t made any comment about the Harry Potter relation as of yet. But if we had to guess, it might have something to do with him being a busy scientist with more things on his mind to worry about.

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