Ryan Gosling’s minor issue with La La Land has now been resolved

Ryan Gosling’s minor issue with La La Land has now been resolved

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The beloved romantic musical film La La Land, staring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, was a huge hit when it came out in 2016, winning six Oscars and - for a brief moment - a seventh. But Gosling has revealed there’s one element of the movie which “haunts” him all these years later.

The Fall Guy actor, who got a Best Actor nod for his all-singing and all-dancing performance in the film, shared the regret in a video interview with The Wall Street Journal, released on Thursday, and said his role in La La Land was the one role he would maybe do over.

He told the outlet: “There is a moment that haunts me where we’re dancing, Emma [Stone] and I - and I didn’t know this would become the poster for the movie - but I thought, we were supposed to have our hands up, and I thought it would be cool to put my hand [flat and horizontal].

“Even though everyone told me it wasn’t cool, I was sure [flat] was better than [upright], and now when I look at it - and I have to see it all the time - you know what would have been cooler than [having it flat],” he added, before he put his hand up. “That.”

Gosling continued: “It just killed the energy that way, it was sort of like, all leading to… what?”

He revealed he calls the error “La La Hand” and after the interviewer pointed out dancers have a term for a similar handshape called “hamburger hands”, the actor joked he was “Hamburger hands Gosling over here”.

And despite the film being many years ago now, the official social media accounts for La La Land are still alive and kicking, and decided to right this terrible wrong with the aid of Photoshop, to the delight of Twitter/X users:

And La La Land isn’t the only film which has bothered Gosling. In the two instances that he has presented Saturday Night Live, the actor starred in skits poking fun at the blockbuster franchise Avatarusing an unpopular typeface as its logo.

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