Seth Rogen’s story about his encounter with Snoop Dogg raises more questions than answers

Seth Rogen’s story about his encounter with Snoop Dogg raises more questions than answers
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Actor Seth Rogen has revealed an encounter with Snoop Dogg at a music studio that will leave many with some serious logistical questions.

In an interview with GQ, the Canadian star explained how he had invited the world-famous rapper to write a song for the 2013 apocalypse comedy This is The End, where Rogen and a bunch of other famous faces play themselves.

Snoop reportedly turned up at the recording studio, where he promptly wrote a hook for the song but it was missing one thing: lyrics.

Rogen asked Snoop if you would mind adding a few words to the track, a request that the rapper clearly hadn’t anticipated as he reportedly looked momentarily dumbfounded.

Rogen then adds, “He put his head down and thought for a long moment. Then he looked over to one of his guys, narrowed his gaze and said, ‘Bring in the h**s.’”

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The 38-year-old Knocked Up star then explains that six women, who had previously been unseen, dressed as ‘strippers’ entered the room and danced around Snoop Dogg while he wrote the song on his Blackberry phone and then left.

As Rogen further extrapolates his story, the entire incident really posed some complex questions as to where the women had been up until that point such as: where had they been? what were their jobs? and how did Snoop Dogg know he would need them if he didn’t know he was supposed to be writing any lyrics?

Rogen adds: “It is zero per cent embellished. They just came in! I don’t know where they came from. I don’t know where they were. They just came in, they did their thing and then they got out.”

It sounds like a logistical, unnecessary and very problematic nightmare for Snoop Dogg, who could have possibly put on the whole act for Rogen. Regardless it makes for a fascinating anecdote.

The interview also saw Rogen confirm that Emma Watson, who had starred in the movie had stormed off the set of the film, in opposition to a controversial scene towards the end of the movie. Rogen confirmed what happened and expressed that there were “no hard feelings” towards Watson.

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