The Flash mocked for bizarre 'baby in a microwave' scene

The Flash mocked for bizarre 'baby in a microwave' scene
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The Flash movie is officially in cinemas and it's fair to say that it has received a lukewarm to negative response from fans and critics.

Although the movie pays a lot of fan service to the character and history of DC Comics it has been criticised for its shonky CGI and 'grotesque' cameos of deceased actors. There is also the issues and numerous controversies surrounding lead actor Ezra Miller.

Now one particular scene in the movie has raised eyebrows just for how absurd it is.

Warning: This article obviously contains spoilers for The Flash so don't read any more if you want to see it.

Early in the movie The Flash, aka Barry Allen is called into action to save citizens from the collapsing wing of a hospital which includes several babies falling from a great height.

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Now due to the Flash being able to move at incredible speeds, he is able to do seemingly complex things in the blink of an eye. So, in order to save the falling babies The Flash places one of them in a microwave to protect it from the flying debris and shrapnel.

Yes, a microwave...

Only one baby goes into a microwave while the other kids are placed in a line and safely fall on to a stretcher that the Flash has laid on the ground.

Now, this is all fairly standard goofy superhero fare and isn't unlike anything that you would see in comic books but the scene has since gone viral and out of context looks very strange indeed.

Yet people who have seen the movie are still completely baffled by what they had just witnessed.

It remains to be seen how successful The Flash will be despite the negativity but Deadline does report that it is protected to make $72 million at the box office in its first 4 opening days.

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