This is without a doubt the best way to troll Russell Crowe

After noticing Russell Crowe's penchant for bragging about his arduous workout routines, Twitter user Pierre Menard decided to wind the Australian actor up.

Every time Crowe boasted of a series of push-ups, a gruelling bike ride, or some other kind of physical activity, Menard, aka Big Leviticus, would reply to his post saying he had outdone him by a miniscule amount or use some other kind of mild taunt.

"I log on to twitter, I read tweets, I respond to pals, I invent workouts & tell Russell Crowe I did them, that's basically it for me online," he explained.

The mild taunting went on for roughly two years, the full results of which can be seen on a Storify timeline Menard has created. Until the hilarious conclusion, when Crowe had clearly had enough...

For taunts and witticisms you can follow Pierre Menard here, and for boasts about exercise regimes you can follow Russell Crowe here.

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