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The annual BBC Price of Football study is out, revealing the cost of tickets in grounds around Europe, with a focus on the English Football League.

The BBC looked at 2,000 ticket prices in 10 categories, at the price of away tickets, teas, pies and programmes.

It's the biggest study of its type.

Here's how much the cheapest matchday tickets in the Premier League cost:

And here are the cheapest season tickets, with Huddersfield under half the price of the next club:

So what does this mean in terms of value for money?

Depends whether you measure it in goals or points.

We've measured it in both, for home games.

Here's how much home goals and points cost you, assuming you've bought the cheapest ticket to every one of your team's fixtures.

Here's how much each goal and point has cost you if you bought the cheapest season ticket at the start of the year:

Here's the full league table for the Prem to League Two, on how much each team has paid for a home goal on the cheapest matchday and season tickets:

You poor, poor Bournemouth fans.

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