13 best reactions to World Cup pitch invader who waved rainbow flag in Qatar

Pitch invader tackled as he brings pride flag onto field during Portugal …

The World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay in Qatar was briefly interrupted - when a fan ran out onto the field wielding a Pride flag.

On Monday (28 November), footage from Lusail Stadium shows the fan, who donned a blue Superman t-shirt with “Save Ukraine” written on the front, made his way onto the pitch in the second half of the game.

His t-shirt also had the phrase “respect for Iranian woman” written on the back, referencing the anti-regime protests occurring in Iran in the recent months.

It was also apparent that the fan was unapologetically holding the rainbow flag in support of the LGBT+ community.

Security guards chased him across the field as he held the flag above his head before he was tackled to the ground, which made the flag drop to the ground. He was then led away.

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Soon after, the match’s referee picked up the flag after it was dropped.

Once people online saw the footage, they commended the fan’s act of courage in representing human rights.

Check out those reactions below.

Qatar has a contentious history surrounding human rights and anti-LGBT+ laws, which has been highlighted as a result of the country becoming the football tournament’s host company.

Football captains from the nations, including Wales and England, were barred from donning OneLove armband at matches or face being booked if they went against the ruling.

Welsch Captain Gareth Balewas planning to wear the rainbow armband during the tournament in support.

Alongside Wales and England, other captains from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, and Germany had also planned to sport the armbands to “promote inclusion” and speak out against “discrimination of any kind.”

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar under Islamic State Sharia law, and people can receive seven years in jail.

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