Did Disney's Cinderella Castle actually burn down?

Did Disney's Cinderella Castle actually burn down?

A TikTok claiming Cinderella's Castle at Disney World has "burned to the ground" has sent panic across the internet – but it's not all that it seems.

The viral footage shared to the platform shows smoke escaping from the famed castle, with an image showing a powerful blaze ripping through the castle.

The detailed series of events was presented in a voice-over, which claimed it took "nearly an hour" for firefighters to arrive and "start battling the flamed."

"However, by that time it was too late as Cinderella's castle was already engulfed in flames," it continued. "They did everything they could to save the castle and to prevent as much damage as possible."


Fortunately, the clip was shared by an account that quite literally explains they share fake news. The image was seemingly created by an AI generator.

"Real Disney News That is 100% FAKE," it read in the bio, but this didn't stop some gullible viewers falling for the prank.


We aren’t crying, you are… okay we are too 🥺 #disneyworld #disneynews #cinderellacastle #disneyworldfire #magickingdom #aigenerated #ai

The clip went on to receive over 20 million views and was soon flooded with over 14,000 comments, with some adding hysteria to the fake theory.

"I was there when it happened, they started selling Disney castle smores at all the gift shops," one jokingly wrote.

Another humoured: "I could literally see the flames from my apartment in NYC… so sad."

A third added: "Just a thought, I thought maybe Maleficent had a play in this. But damn I can’t believe that castle got burnt down."

Meanwhile, many more were left fuming by the hoax.

"People don't believe this fool posting nonsense false information about famous places or people, I hope Tiktok banns this person from Tiktok," one user hit back.

Yet another friendly reminder to not believe everything you see on TikTok...

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