The Grimace shake trend is causing hell for McDonald's workers

The Grimace shake trend is causing hell for McDonald's workers
McDonald's Grimace shake TikTok trend

McDonald's workers are seemingly over TikTok's latest Grimace Shake trend taking the platform by storm after one person shared the deadly silence when they ordered five of the viral drink.

For the blissfully unaware, the popular fast-food chain released a limited-edition purple milkshake to celebrate the 52nd birthday of the purple character's birthday.

TikTok users went on to do their thing by turning the beverage into a bizarre trend. Like most things online, it appears to have no purpose and is rather random – but still, it didn't stop the trend from taking off.

In fact, #grimaceshake has racked up a staggering 142 million views on the platform and continues to grow. It sees consumers drinking the purple shake and then pretending to be poisoned to death with a decorative crime scene surrounding them.

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A recent video has seemingly gave a glimpse into how McDonald's workers feel about the trend – and by the looks of things, they're tired.

The customer was heard asking whether the drink had to be ordered as part of a meal. When he discovered they could be ordered on their own, he asked for five.

In response, the worker fell silent.

"The silence was so loud," the on-screen text read. "McDonalds tired of this."

One fellow TikToker commented: "I tried ordering it the other day and the lady said, "It's not stocked" while there was an ad, "Now Serving the Grimace Meal!" I just was silent."

Meanwhile, another added: "No, because I ordered a Grimace Shake and the girl legit sighed in annoyance."


Mcdonalds tired of this 😭 #fyp #grimace #grimaceshake #funny #silence #mcdonalds

The chain have since responded to the trend with a lighthearted tweet. "Meee pretending i don't see the grimace shake trendd," the purple character wrote on the official McDonald's account.

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