TikToker reveals how to tell if your best friends 'secretly hate you'

TikToker reveals how to tell if your best friends 'secretly hate you'

A TikToker has revealed a sign someone in your life "secretly hates you", and it is quite random.

Posting on the platform, Jaci Marie Smith said asking people if you should cut your long hair short is a sure way to find out if they have your best interests at heart.

“If they’re like ‘yes…chop it, it would look so good on you,’ they hate you,” she claimed. “They’re praying on your downfall.”

She added that if you want to test the theory further, you should ask your friend whether or not you should get bangs.

“If they say yes, you need to cut them out of your life.”


I’m telling u

Her video attracted mixed opinions.

Some agreed with her. "ACCURATE," one said.

"This is so true," said another.

But others thought she was overthinking it.

"This is so not true!" one said. "Some people look so good with short hair and bangs!"

Another said: "But I genuinely love short hair."

Luckily for those with short hair and bangs, the TikToker clarified in the comments that she was just joking.

Thank goodness for that...

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