Hotel worker reveals why you should never use the free toiletries

Hotel worker reveals why you should never use the free toiletries
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A hotel worker has urged people to stop using the free products in their holiday accommodation.

In a viral TikTok that's caught the attention of over a million people, the woman told people to avoid the shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

"Here's your tip. Don't ever use these," she said, "Why? Because they're not secure."

The woman unscrewed the lids of the full-sized bottles, demonstrating to TikTokers just how easy it is for guests to add their own substances.

"They can put hair colour, bleach, anything in these. Don't ever use these," she reiterated.

"I always bring my own when travelling," she continued. "If you don't bring your own, always call down to the front desk and ask for a fresh set or even the mini ones."

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The footage was soon inundated with comments from fellow TikTokers.

"I miss the days of the minis being the standard," one person wrote. "I hate the shared bottles."

A second added: "I have always said this. I have a fear of someone putting hair remover in the bottle."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Been in the business for 16 years and these have become quite popular over the last several years."

In another travel TikTok from a separate user, a flight attendant reiterated similar warnings before exposing other areas and items she would generally steer clear of.

The hotel ice bucket is apparently a big no-no. "I’ve heard people have done the unmentionables in those, so just use the little plastic bag," she told her 13,000 viewers.

The TikToker concluded with advice to take an anti-bacterial spray to give furniture and other items a clean down.

She went on to tell people to avoid using some coffee machines as they're difficult to clean out, along with the cups that are not wrapped in plastic.

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