Woman 'poisons' her food to stop flatmates from stealing it

Woman 'poisons' her food to stop flatmates from stealing it
Angry wild elephant destroys wooden shed to steal food

A woman who noticed her food and drink was being stolen by her flatmates has revealed the lengths she took to get her own back.

TikToker Sarah (@saatj32) opened up about the drastic measures she was forced to take, explaining in a video: "I had to poison my food because my flatmates kept stealing it."

She then shared a recording of herself carrying out the act: opening a carton of organic British skimmed milk and pouring in the contents of a salt container.

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"People want to drink my milk and want to put it back," and added how she's going to see "whose who."

After pouring in the salt, she can then be seen closing the carton and shaking it to mix the salt, before giving it a whiff and adding even more salt to the mixture.

In the caption she wrote: "And I have absolutely no regrets and yes someone drank it."


And I have absolutely no regrets and yes someone drank it #university #flatmates #freshers

Since then, the video has been viewed more than 277,000 times and racked up hundreds of comments from people sharing similar experiences of sticky-fingered flatmates.

One person wrote: "I like this, because when they go low, I go LOWER."

"I literally told my one flatmate that I'm gonna put stuff in my food 'cause it keeps being taken. She ended up consuming it as if I didn’t warn her," said another.

A third added: "This video is hilarious to me cause I basically have a video of me doing the exact same thing."

Meanwhile, others shared what they would have done in the same situation.

One said: "Add lemon juice and it will immediately curdle. Instantly ruins everything they’re making and you can deny doing anything."

"Just salt? Should have put chicken grease and dyed it blue or sum for evidence," wrote another.

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