Lorraine Kelly in hot water over 'body shaming' Nigel Farage

Lorraine Kelly in hot water over 'body shaming' Nigel Farage
Lorraine Kelly surprised by Nigel Farage's age as she claims 'you get …
Lorraine, ITV

Lorraine Kelly has received hundreds of audience complaints after she insulted Nigel Farage’s appearance.

The Scottish presenter was interviewing former politician and rightwing media personality Edwina Currie while discussing Farage’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Currie said: “I think he’s in there because he thinks he can enhance his reputation. He’s seen as a responsible, intelligent and worthy person of some kind or other. He’s only, what 59? He’s got plenty ahead of him if he wants to get going again."

Shocked, Kelly responded: "Is he?! Is he only 59? I thought he was a hell of a lot older than that. That’s astonishing, that just shows you get the face you deserve! You really do."

She also said she was "traumatised" after seeing Farage's nude backside.

Farage, whose controversial and xenophobic campaigns positioned him firmly as a far-right figure in British politics, has faced accusations of trying to launder his reputation by appearing on the reality show.

However, his fans were out in force when it came to Kelly’s comments, it seems, as Ofcom received 354 complaints about the incident.

One person said on social media: "Why hasn’t Lorraine Kelly apologised for body shaming Nigel Farage yet? Imagine if he made those comments about her on live TV… The media would cancel him!"

Another said: "I thought what Lorraine said about Nigel Farage body shaming him on live tv was unprofessional and insultingly mean and derogatory. I’m sure if a male presenter had said that about a female in the same situation then he would have been fired…"

GB News presenter Mike Parry also expressed his disapproval of the comment during a panel discussion on News of the Week, calling it "very unfair" and "very unlike Lorraine Kelly."

"If a male broadcaster had said that about a female celebrity, that would be the end of his career. I'm certain of it."

Others seemed to see the funny side though…

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