American angers Brits with tea 'tutorial' using boiled milk and two tea bags

American angers Brits with tea 'tutorial' using boiled milk and two tea bags
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An American has horrified Brits after sharing their bizarre method of making a brew on TikTok.

The clip involves boiling milk and two tea bags in a kettle before serving it up in a latte glass.

TikToker @swfinds frequently posts about their expat life in the UK, often amusing followers with their bizarre takes on British life.

But when it comes to making tea, it seems they have a lot to learn.

Viewer discretion is advised.

In the clip, the TikToker promises to show their followers how to make British tea.

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But the tutorial quickly derails after they poured milk directly into the kettle.

They added a spoonful of sugar, two teabags, and bottled water to the kettle before boiling it “a lot” until the mixture became “creamy”.

The concoction was then poured into a latte glass before even more sugar was added.

Since uploading the abomination, it has received 1.3 million views, almost 60,000 likes, and 12,000 comments.

In the comment sections, viewers expressed that they were nothing short of disgusted.

“My therapist is going to hear about you,” one viewer wrote.

Another followed up with: “My therapist gunna need a therapist after this one.”

Popular TikToker Ryan Dykta’s comment read: “*eye is twitching with concealed rage*”

Some felt the move was akin to a military attack.

“You realise this is a war crime, right?” one asked.

Another cited Nato’s article five which states that an attack on one Nato member is an attack on them all.

This isn’t the first time the American expat has baffled viewers with their take on British life.

They recently asked why British homes have “tiny front doors” that open onto a “dangerous sidewalk”. It seems they discovered terraced housing.

They also referred to a kettle as a “British electric egg cooker” and joked about the tiny shopping trolleys in a supermarket.

Given the tongue-in-cheek nature of the videos, it seems that it’s a satirical account - or at least, we hope it is…

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