Adin Ross did something incredibly gross to Andrew Tate after chess match

Andrew Tate's friend Adin Ross reveals how kickboxer's arrest has affected him

People on Twitter are pointing out an odd moment that occurred during a stream between Twitch star Adin Ross and social media personality Andrew Tate playing chess.

In December, Ross, 22, and Tate, 36, live-streamed their casual game of chess where they spoke about masculinity, women, 'the Matrix,' and more.

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The nearly two-hour-long stream was relatively straightforward until the end.

As the game ended, Tate shook Ross' hand, then stood up from his chair, and walked away from the chess board.

Sitting by himself, Ross spoke to viewers and then randomly, decided to sniff the chair Tate was previously sitting in.

The deep inhale only took a moment but it was enough to generate some questions. Especially because Ross did not acknowledge the chair-sniffing.




Some people pointed out that Ross was not being serious and the bit was part of a larger character he plays on streams.





The two social media influencers exchanged some back-and-forth on social media last year before meeting up in Dubai to film a live stream together.

After Tate's arrest, Ross went on a podcast and called his friendship with Tate "genuine" and voiced support for his friend.

"People don't really understand that this all happening actually affects me because it's like, that's my friend," Ross said.

Tate was arrested in December on charges of human trafficking and rape following an investigation by Romanian authorities.

Recently, Ross tweeted asking President Joe Biden to pardon Tate, although Tate's arrest occurred in Romania which Biden has no jurisdiction over.

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