Traveller claims she has found 'flight hack' using Apple Pay

Traveller claims she has found 'flight hack' using Apple Pay
Google cheap flights hack goes viral on TikTok
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A woman jokingly shared a 'flight hack' that she claims made her on-board purchases free of charge.

In a viral clip shared to TikTok, user @theonlysevahc suggested that she blocked her Apple Pay and was still able to buy snacks and drinks during her flight.

"Me using Apple Pay on the plane with a locked card because they can't charge you while you're in the sky," she humoured, alongside a video showing her tapping her phone several times.

The clip has since been viewed over 4.1 million views and was flooded with hundreds of comments.

One fellow TikToker asked: "Does this actually work? I got to try it!"

Another added: "Man, I'm always on the plane asleep. I'm gonna stay awake now."

"I thought everyone knew this," a third wrote.



Meanwhile, others claimed that the payments do eventually get taken, with one flight attendant sharing that it shows staff when a card is locked and a payment is declined, but passengers "get charged as soon as they hit the ground."

"Nah cause Apple will have you pay for it later," another suggested. "I always get Apple charges days after I buy something."

One person claimed it happened to them "by accident," and instead of letting the payment go, the airline "teamed up" with her bank "to make an overdraft for it."

"They took all the money out of my account at once, months later," one person commented.

Elsewhere in the world of travel hacks, one man claimed he had the answer to securing a free upgrade.

"One of the best-kept secrets about business class is that no one pays for it. Well, I suppose they pay for it indirectly, but no one pays cash for business class," Dad Jimmy, who posted on the family account ‘themothfamily’, claimed in a TikTok.

He then advised frequent flyers to open up a credit card.

"A credit card may offer 100,000 points for a $3000 spend limit. You apply for the card, spend the limit, and get 100,000 points, which will get you a business-class ticket from Perth to LA," he added.

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