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Instagram has gifted us with some stunning beauty trends. Luckily, we're here to take you on a guided tour of Instagram's bravest and best.

If any of the ideas make you double-take (which they will), remember this is what true art is meant to do - terrify society's tired standards, defy logic and soar above taboos.

Take this nose. It takes a truly unique, creative mind to look at it and think 'what this needs is more eyelash extensions'.

You can even apply them to your mouth to create an upside down lippy moustache look to die for.

Do you ever look up at the stormy sky and a lightening bolt electrifies your mind? And eyebrows. And eyeliner. And then you get home and wonder whether it wasn't a metaphor for creativity after all, judging by your rearranged make-up.

So Harry Potter, darling.

You can even embrace the ocean and pretend your eyebrows are controlled by the pull of the moon too.

Are you one of those people who want to leave strangers wondering whether or not you're diseased or just have weird freckles? There's a trend for that.

In a similar vein, look at these nails, made to look all fungus-y and unwashed. Or succulent. Or something.

And furry.

The I'm-a-rock look is so hot right now .

By the way, they're all joking. We think. Or at least some of them are. Maybe.

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